Mrs. Ulrike Wesolowski

Why have you chosen LtC?
“It is simple -LtC makes me feel good. LtC is situated centrally next to the U/S, bus and tram station in Pankow and so you cannot miss it!”

What do you like about your English course with LtC?
“I like the individual approach to students. We have got a very kind and friendly teacher from Great Britain. The group is very small and allows a very effective way of studying.

Why have you decided to learn English?
“I have decided to learn English because I need it while travelling and also because English words come up in my mother language German too. That is why I want to pronounce them correctly-how would you otherwise be able to understand “sale” or pronounce “take it easy” correctly?”

“The course is not the cheapest but the advantage is the very personal approach and high intensity of learning. With LtC, I am in good hands!”