Mrs. Martina Scherf

Why have you chosen LtC?
“I live next door and prefer individual training which is a 100% guarantee with LtC. Another important point is that classes also take place in the mornings which is very convenient for me as a freelancer.”

What do you like about your English course with LtC?
“I like the lessons very much. They┬┤re perfectly designed to suit the learners┬┤ needs.”

Why have you decided to learn English?
“I have decided to learn English even if I already turned 60 this year. My aim was to brush up and develop my English knowledge because I need it while travelling and I also think that is a big advantage to be able to speak English even for living in Berlin.”

“The course was very effective and intensive because of the small group. The customer care is very personal but extremely professional at the same time.”