Option 1: Translation fees for European and standard languages:
1 Normal page = 30 to 60 lines (including empty spaces)
1 Normal line = 60 Characters (including empty spaces)
*A minimum order amount is 1 page (= 30 lines with 60 characters)

Prices per line, + VAT, source text:
Easily understandable and non subject-specific texts: 1,20€
More sophisticated, subject-related texts: 1,30 €
Very subject-specific texts, requiring research: 1,40 €
Adaptation of advertising texts, brochures, creative work: 1,30 €

Format of translation:
Translations in formats other than in Word format are time-consuming. This will also affect the price of some translation.
Rush orders:
For rush orders we charge up to 40% express surcharge.

Price for your translation:
To calculate the exact price offer for the translation of your text, please send us a short email to: info@ltc-now.com. Please attach the original text and please provide your desired delivery date.

Option 2: Interpretation fees
Rate: 60€ to100€ per hour, plus reasonable expenses for travel, meals, and accommodation, if necessary.
Minimum charge: 60€ per job.

Option 3: Editing/Proofreading:
60€ to 100€ per hour.

Please ask us for our fees for ESP and other technical languages.

All rates and fees are negotiable and subject to change without notice. Final price will depend on the kind and difficulty of the source text. We will gladly send you a free estimate if you forward your source text by e-mail.