Dr. Michael Berg, PhD.

For my profession, I develop psychological performance tests (attention and other cognitive functions) in the sector of traffic psychology. In this context I have to orally and in written form present my tests, theoretical opinions and empirical results for multiple audiences at international congresses. Almost exclusively the conference language is English. Having lived in the former GDR, there were not many opportunities to speak or exchange information with foreign counterparts in English.

So I have been using the service of the LTC over the past 7 years to improve my written language including correct grammar for editing articles and to enhance my conversation skills for small talk, briefing and presentation. Additionally I enjoy travelling abroad so the need for core English language skills and vocabulary is essential.

For me, I chose to learn with LTC not only since it is conveniently located in Berlin-Pankow but mainly since its colleagues are wonderful coaches and friends. They are very competent not only in languages but also informed and well-versed on global issues. In the classroom we use modern learning tools such an interactive white board to view news podcasts, relevant learning videos and games software. We often speak about all issues of the daily life allowing for sometimes even private coaching and counseling sessions in English!

Insofar, my dealing with “LTC” is not only a simple course. It is now a part of my life, not only because I am a pensioner and have more flexible time. I realize that I have to regularly train and through repetition and practice can I keep my language skills fit. I prefer learning with 1:1 coaching because I call the shots and we can speak about my individual needs or a combination of issues. I am simply happy with “my” LTC and highly recommend others to take advantage of the quality offered.