Companies, Firms and CEOs

In todays business world most managers and many employees are required to have “good or excellent” language skills in English. It is certainly not easy to live up to these high expectations, especially if all you possess are some years of – often unloved – school English.

In order to communicate convincingly in English in your professional life you need a strong foundation in general English. Of course you have to be able to juggle the vocabulary of your respective field, but you also should speak and write English well. This means that you have to use it grammatically correct and as naturally as possible.

Regardless of whether you are a secretary who has to e-mail, call or do small talk with international clients on a regular basis or a scientist who wants to present his newest findings at an international conference in New York – if you speak English well in the realm of your occupational area you will be respected. This holds true for secretaries, managers, sales people, aid workers and any other professional.

LtC Now does not offer ready-made “Business English” classes off the shelf. We will assess your prior knowledge in English as accurately as possible and then tailor a course that really does suit you. This will, in most cases, be a combination of general and technical English modules which have been designed only for you or a small group of people from the same field and on a similar performance level. We will try to work on your weak spots, build up your confidence and make you reach the proficiency you need to meet the expectations of your superiors, your clients and of course yourself. Above all, we at LtC Now want you to feel comfortable with the English language and use it as what is – a wonderful tool to broaden your professional scope and communicate with the world.