Success Factor


Success Factor

We offer teaching and training for all levels:

  • Starter-A2, Elementary-A1

  • Pre-Intermediate-B-1

  • Intermediate B-2

  • Upper Intermediate- C-1

  • Advanced C2

Lerning Materials

Success Factor

We use a wide range of top learning materials and tools from various publishers such as Longmann-Pearson, Cambridge, Oxford University Press and many more. We continually ensure we are using market leading teaching methods while combining classic approaches to absorbing a foreign language.

We use various interactive white board software, visual aids, audio and podcasts, as well as online and printed board games to augment the normal classroom environment. For those clients needing grammar strengthening and formal language preparation for exams and tests we use blended learning and formal preparation materials to ensure for success. We offer combined learning with an emphasis of conversation and strengthening speaking skills.

Learning Method



Our trainers offer you a very personal, real-life approach to language learning by focussing on your individual learning objectives. We want you to communicate freely and break down any barriers inhibiting your success. This is why our courses include coaching and confidence building through interactive learning.

We believe that using a foreign language actively and regularly is the key to flourishing. Our art of teaching is to practice, to reinforce and to encourage. We do not believe in a one course and one size fits all approach. We value individual, creative learning and guarantee that our teaching is delivered in a personal style. Our courses are designed and delivered in a humorous and entertaining way because we don’t want to lose you on the way. We know that you have a busy life and no time to waste. So we will try to make your time with us worthwile.

Our method sharpens your communications skills on vocabulary, speaking, writing, grammar, and pronunciation. Our professional language trainers offer you a variety of teaching approaches on General English, Business English and English for Specific Purposes (ESP).