Taylor Miles LtC Now Trainer


Classes Teach & Area of Expertise:

General, professional, and academic English for adult learners of all levels.

Teaching Experience:

I have taught adults, from the beginner to advanced levels, for over three years at various language schools, companies, and community programs in Boston, Prague, and Berlin. Some highlights have included teaching at a few of Prague’s most significant companies, such as Skype and DHL, as well as Cambridge and TEFL exam prep. I have taught one-to-one classes and group courses.


Creative writing (fiction and poetry), literature, travel, languages, painting, nature

Personal Philosophy/Motto for Learning:

As both a learner and teacher, I’ve experienced the difficulties of learning another language. It takes time and dedication. It involves making mistakes, looking silly, but having fun while learning a lot. I strive to create an environment and provide the tools that allow for all learners to be successful. I use a communicative and learner-centered approach in my classes, with the goal of getting students as comfortable speaking and using the language as possible. My classes are interesting, immersive, and effective for adult learners of all levels.


English, German
Bachelors in Journalism/Latin American Studies, TESOL Certification